Friends of the Pinney Library cannot have a successful book sale without YOU Pinney Friends! So many of you came to shop our collections on Saturday, April 24 that we were able to net $1,127.28 to support our work! Perhaps it was the gray and soggy day that encouraged so many to come find a good book to curl up with indoors, but we wonder if it wasn’t also the stories…Libraries live to house stories, and some of our Pinney Friends’ stories were shared at the sale, and warmed our hearts!

…A young woman buying a full bag for herself, slipping us a $10 bill and whispering that she wanted to buy a bag for her dad who was filling a bag for himself. As a treat!

…A three year old (about that age) very carefully, book by book, picking out a children’s book for herself and then, with mom prompting…, opened her fist with coins to pay for the book.

…A woman selecting DVDs for the senior residents in an assisted living facility where her mom lives to enjoy in their community room.

It was also a wonderful coincidence that the Saturday of the sale was also Earth Day, so maybe some stories were to peruse our collection of Earth Day type books!